Q. Should I have my caravan/motorhome serviced every year?

It is highly recommended that your caravan and motorhome should be serviced annually, even if a caravan or motorhome is used only a few times a year as lack of use can cause its own problems with brakes, gas, damp etc.

If under manufacturer’s warranty it will require servicing to maintain the warranty.

Q. My caravan/motorhome is under warranty, can Trent Caravan Services service it under warranty?

Yes, Trent Caravan Services is a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme. All major UK manufacturers support the Approved Workshop Scheme and servicing within the warranty period can be performed by an AWS member without this affecting the warranty. Some European manufacturers are not part of the AWS scheme so please check before booking.

Q. How long does a service usually take?

A full caravan service is usually about 4 hours, it can take longer if we come across any problems.
A motorhome habitation is usually 2- 3 hours, again depending on any problems found whilst servicing.

Q. I’ve heard a lot about tyres and when they should be changed, can you tell me more about it?

All tyres have a date on them, the National Caravan Council (NCC) recommends that you change your tyres every 5 years. Even if your tyres do not look worn, they deteriorate even when standing. Your tyres may appear to look like they have a lot of tread they can still be cracked in-between those treads. If they delaminate it could cause a major accident.

Q. Will my gas appliances be serviced at the same time as an annual service?

Gas appliances will be checked during an annual service for operation and safety but not ‘serviced’ as an individual appliance as part of the basic service.
If you wish for a fridge service for example, you can ask for this to be carried out at the same time as a service but there is an extra cost involved.

Q. Can you service my caravan/motorhome at my home, in a storage site or campsite?

You will have probably Googled motorhome servicing near me or simular which has brought you to our website. Yes, as we are a mobile workshop and we can service your caravan or motorhome wherever it is located.

Our van is equipped with 240V supply, water and gas should we need it. We have all the tools we need to perform a full service wherever you are.

Q. What do I need to do before you arrive on the service day?

We need at least a metre clear access working room all around the vehicle and we ask that the vehicle is as empty as reasonably possible so we can move around your caravan/motorhome safely and perform a thorough damp test.

Q. What area do you cover that is included in your standard prices?

Normally we will travel up to 30-40 minutes from our base in Beeston, Nottingham and this is included in the standard price. If outside of this area please call to check, there could be an additional travel cost.

Q. How can I pay for my service?

There are many ways to pay; cash, card, cheque but bank transfer is preferred.

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