mobile caravan servicing

A full caravan service includes testing and inspecting your caravan from top to bottom, inside and out. Our mobile workshop saves you time and effort by letting us come to you. A full detailed report is provided to you at the end of the service.

mobile caravan servicing

The following checks are carried out to Approved Workshop standards (AWS).

Caravan Service to AWS standards:

  • Brakes checked, cleaned & adjusted
  • 12N & 12S or 13 Pin cables & plugs checked
  • Road lights tested for operation
  • Coupling head & safety catch on tow bar
  • Breakaway cable & clip
  • Drawbar & jockey wheel
  • Corner steadies greased and checked for operation
  • Road wheels & tyres checked
  • Chassis condition & attachment
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Bodywork, trims & seals
  • External door & window hinges & locks
  • Suspension assemblies
  • RCD testing
  • Full damp report
  • Electrics 12v & 240v on all appliances
  • Gas system, pipework & regulator and appliances
  • Fridge, cooker, hob & grill for operation
  • Water heater & space heater/combi boiler for operation
  • Water system, pump & taps for operation and leaks
  • Fly screen & blinds
  • Ventilation, rooflights & flues
  • Door locks, hinges & catches
  • Carbon monoxide test, fire extinguisher checked & smoke alarm test
  • Floor delamination checks
  • Toilet seal, pump & flush
  • Window seal, stays & catches

What's covered in our full caravan service?

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Service at home or in storage

You can make annual appointments for your caravan service so you never miss an anniversary service date.

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